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Riding Mower Full Service (Commercial)

Riding Mower Full Service (Commercial)


Commercial Riding Mower Full Service $219.95 plus parts.

  • Change engine oil and replace oil filter
  • Sharpen and balance Blades
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Preform leak down test
  • Check engine compression
  • Check and adjust engine RPM
  • Drain and clean fuel system
  • Check and fill Antifreeze
  • Lube chassis and grease spindles
  • Check and fill PTO gearbox oil
  • Check and fill hydro fluid
  • Check and replace hydro cooling fans
  • Check and/or replace shear pins
  • Check battery and clean terminals
  • Check and secure electrical harness
  • Check and properly inflate tires
  • Check belts
  • Level deck
  • Check operation
  • Power wash (Weather permitting)

Price of $219.95 is labor only and does not include cost of parts. Such as Air filter, spark plugs, oil, oil filter, blade. etc.

Additional requests are extra at $85.00 per hour plus parts.

*24 hour rush fee $85.00 (Diagnoss of failure will be completed within 24 hours. Completed repair is contingent upon parts avaliability)

Upon inspection if we identify an issue with the unit. Our service manager will contact you before the unit is repaired, for your approval on extra repair costs.

Pick-up and Delivery is extra.
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